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Excerpt from Trash Thoughts

What if our thoughts appeared on our forehead seconds after they came to mind?

This question was presented to a few people and here is what they said:

  • Kelly Lininger -"That would be too scary...I don't necessarily want to know what others think of me and vice versa."
  • Demond Davis - "People wouldn't like me very much."
  • Shawn Green - "I thank God no one can see my thoughts."
  • Monica Cannady - "Some people would be mad at me."
  • Marjorie Byrd - "I'd have to quit my job and I'm sure I'd lose some family members."
  • Alicia M.Waters - " would reveal to others what God already knows...the truth!"
  • Gigi - "I'd be in big trouble!"
  • Edward Lawson - "Society would cease to exist. How can I be civil with people and know EXACTLY how they feel about me and vice versa?"
  • Lavern Simmons - "I would wear a baseball cap."
  • Javan Williams - "Conflict!"